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If you’re searching for sheetmetal machinery secondhand, visit CORPORATE MACHINERY BROKERS  website  SEE PAGE 9 AND We offer a variety of sheetmetal machinery,make a reasonable offer. We sell a range of machines for the sheetmetal, farming and commercial industries. If you’re after stainless steel tanks, engineering machine tools, bottling and labelling equipment or food processing machines we have them too.



We divide the machinery into two parts.

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Machinery divided into categories,see pages 1-18.



  Choose from a large range of machinery and various workshop items. We cater for the construction,Wine, Food Processing, Agriculture, Industrial, Engineering and Mining markets. Visit our website  today.


For all your sheetmetal machinery secondhand, contact CORPORATE MACHINERY BROKERS on (08) 8431-0430 /0428832423 or send an online enquiry to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.