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SELECT your machine tools secondhand /surplus or used from CORPORATE MACHINERY BROKERS at  SEE PAGE 6 AND PAGE 9. We stock MANY  machine tools including:  drills, grinders, lathes. milling machines,CNC machines,Presses etc. Visit a computer near you and check it out.We now offer a NEW 1300  ITEM  MACHINERY DIRECTORY


CORPORATE MACHINERY BROKERS supply to a variety of industries with many well-known brands and sizes.                                                     IT TAKES TIME TO CONSIDER HOW TO  MAKE MONEY OR SAVE MONEY WITH CAPITAL MACHINERY,                                                              View our range of machinery and equipment at your leisure at  If you don’t find it in stock today, it could be in next week.In our WEBSITE we also stock a variety of equipment ranging from stainless steel tanks, bottling and labelling equipment, winery and food processing items.       Visit our website today and see how YOU can save or make  money.                     

The website is divided into two major parts

ALL THE ITEMS FOR SALE IN CATEGORIES SEE PAGES 1-18.                                                              




For a variety of machine tools secondhand, contact CORPORATE MACHINERY BROKERS on (08) 8431-0430/0428832423 or send an online enquiry to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. REMEMBER VIEW