Engineering Machinery Secondhand

 Suppliers Of Used Engineering Machine Tools


For a range of engineering machine tools secondhand, go to  SEE PAGE 6 AND PAGE 9.We stock a wide range of  used  machines. Whatever engineering machine tools you require, we probably have it here at the Machinery Showroom. Our stock list  is constantly changing by the day there’s always something new to view at


At Machinery Showroom, Some of the machine tools we stock include: bandsaws, borers, coldsaws, drills, folders, grinders, guillotines, lathes  milling machines etc,etc. Come in to your nearest computer and check out our varied ever changing floor stock.

Visit and view a wide range of categories on pages 1 to 18.





For quality engineering machine tools secondhand, contact CORPRATE MACHINERY BROKERS on (08) 8431-0430 or 0428832423 Send an online enquiry to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. REMEMBER GO TO